spuwer bl r 


The challenge

Moderate evolution of personal mindset
→ ignore their intelligence.
→ Reform our Minds

Goal : implement a 'reform' cycle methodology

Artistic observation on human behaviour
--> The basis of objectivity is subjectivity
→ search for relevant causes / links
→ determining incompatibility between different social entities
(valuation of the individuals own right)

→ only critical observations / no solutions needed
→ examination of the fluctuations in the minds of the modal individual
→ attempt to detect striking ambiguities and to declare them
→ examine → Baudrillard, Foucault, B. Schwarz

--> What is the value of AI generated knowledge ?
--> Humanism 2.0 or Humanism 3.0 or Humanism 2.5
--> Propaganda
--> cancel culture

--> Singularity and us

→ Research
→ possible discours

Works and Presentation
→ based on the case (case is largest source of the final discourse)
→ work as part of, illustrative
→ imagery research into contemporary expression
→ basic technique → graphic as a basis but multidisciplinary

→ Design
→ Execution
→ Presentation + Discourse


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The artist is always Right.